Quality Standards :

Quality and reliability are the guiding principles of who HT Global Circuits is; “First we will be right and then we will be first!”  Our passion for quality, “from the first”, pulls us toward excellence and assurance that we can exceed your expectations.  At HT Global Circuits our focus in process is continuous improvement.  We accomplish this utilizing our own “Active Engagement Model” for process control which provides a real-time data driven assessment of how each manufacturing plant is performing, in process.  It is the backbone of how we drive continuous improvement across our global manufacturing network.  All of HT Global Circuits manufacturing facilities produce product in accordance with the IPC-600, IPC 6011 and IPC 6012 standards and are certified or awarded to the following standards:

ISO-9001:2015 / ISO-14001:2015 / IATF-16949:2016 / AS9100D / UL-c / MIL-31032

On time Delivery:  We deliver on time.  To help us manage this we utilize an Automated Business Management (ABM) system, that enables us to monitor order progress, ensuring your order ships as planned so that it arrives on time.

Quality Policy:

It is our aim to provide all our customers top quality products and first class service. The trust of our customers in our company and in our products and services must be preserved and extended.

Our company has therefore established the following policy:

Quality as a basis

Quality is the basis of all activities of HTGlobalCircuits and is a fundamental concern of the leadership of our company.

All employees are expected to implement the processes defined in the management system (process and work instructions) accordingly and to take responsibility for error-free operation.

For the employees have the opportunity to participate in the process of improvement, we set a high value on constant training and information.

Customer Satisfaction

It is an essential prerequisite that all employees have a consistent customer focus in order to meet respectively to exceed the expectations of our customers and thus to increase customer satisfaction.

Thus our customers needs in terms of product quality and service, and also in terms of adherence to delivery dates have top priority.

Our QA team takes tests and measurements on our products in accordance with specified standards to meet the requirements of our customers.

Continuous Improvement

By means of a QA management system based on a continuous improvement process, we are engaged in the constant improvement of our products and our service. All our companies´processes aim to an increase of the product quality within the continuous improvement process. With audits and performance indicators we regularly review the achievement of the planned objectives.

Permanent audits, not only in USA but also in our production facilities abroad are the basis for the improvement of our products. Permanent analysis of the customer requirements in terms of delivery, storage and logistics allow us to continuously improve our service.

Quality by Leadership

The company management is a role model for the staff. It outlines concrete achievable quality objectives and supports the employees in achieving the objectives.

The company management is responsible for fulfillment of these objectives.

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