Michigan's Bennett Pump is claiming 'the industry’s most comprehensive line of alternative fuel dispensers,' with models for CNG, LNG and hydrogen.

Success Story – Bennett Pump with HTGlobalcircuits

Bennett Pump is one of the world’s leading manufacturers of retail and commercial fuel pumps and components incorporating cutting edge technologies. We are honored and humbled Bennett Pump selected HT Global Circuits as its trusted printed circuit board provider and partner. HT Global Circuits is a global provider of comprehensive printed circuit board technologies delivered..

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PCB Product

PCB Assembly Success – 5 simple tips for a successful PCB Product!

PCB Assembly Success – 5 simple tips for a successful PCB Product! If you aren’t on the Printed Circuit Board (PCB) much, then you might be unaware of the fact that printed circuit board manufacturing, and printed circuit board assembly are two different disciplines. Each of these specialist disciplines is typically handled by different companies,..

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Direct Thermal

DTE – Direct Thermal Exchange for the LED lighting

DTE – Direct Thermal Exchange Technology Although traditional MCPCBs were originally conceived for use in the power-supply industry, these substrates are the most widely used in production of LED products. There are many names for these products; Aluminum Clad, Aluminum Base, Metal Clad (MCPCB), Insulated Metal Substrate (IMS or IMPCB) and Thermally Conductive PCBs. All..

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Automotive PCBs

Automotive PCBs Printed circuit boards are used in the automotive industry in too many ways and applications Examples of Automotive Printed Circuit Board Applications. Airbag Deployment • Antilock Brake Systems • Audio & Video Equipment • Communication Equipment • DC/AC Power Converters • Digital Displays • Electronic Computer Unit (ECU) / Car Computers • Electronic Mirror..

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via in pad

Via in Pads

Via in Pad Via’s refers to a pads with a plated hole that connects copper tracks from one layer of the board to other layer(s). Micro via is a High-density multi-layer PCBs may have blind vias, which are visible only on one surface, or buried vias, The advent and extensive use of finer pitch devices..

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Hard Gold-Plating

Hard Gold Plating?

Hard Gold Plating? Hard Electrolytic Gold consists of a layer of gold plated over a barrier coat of nickel. Usually its applied to edge connector fingers and keypads on PCB. The typical minimum values for fingers are 30 μin gold over 100 μin nickel for standard Class 2 , and  50 μin gold over 100..

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Rigid - Flex

Rigid-Flex PCBs

Rigid-Flex PCBs What is Rigid-Flex PCBs? Composed of a combination of rigid and flexible circuit boards that are permanently connected to one another. The main use of Rigid-Flex circuit boards offers optimum solutions for difficult, limited space conditions. This technology offers the possibility of a secure connection of device components with the assurance of polarity and contact stability, as well..

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