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HT Global Circuits is proud to announce the addition of Pho-Tronics H&T Global Circuits, LLC to our family of factories. This addition is a strategic plan to further continue our commitment to our customers and remain an industry leader.

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Through H&T Global Circuits`s permanent commitment to the principle of continuous improvement in all areas of the corporation, it is H&T Global Circuits highest priority to guarantee customer satisfaction.
The success of H&T Global Circuits is measured by customer satisfaction in the areas of quality, delivery, price, responsiveness and service.
We achieve this by an open cooperation with our customers based on partnership, and the long-standing and technological competence of our dedicated employees.
To be able to offer our customers the highest possible quality, our employees receive training and further education in all different kinds of areas regularly in order to be knowledgeable in the latest technological developments. This is accompanied by steady investments in the further development and optimization of our production efficiency.
Our customers shall not only be satisfied with us, they shall also remain satisfied with us.


  • Local support – worldwide production
  • One contact for all your requests
  • One stop shop
  • Production from prototype to mass production
  • Top quality
  • On time delivery
  • Competitive prices
  • First class service
  • Logistics flexibility
  • Delivery in as little as 3 working days
  • Competent consulting
  • Long time and expert employees
  • Quality check – data preparation

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